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Chat interaction

The Chat Interaction feature in NextBrain allows you to interact with an intelligent chat bot powered by GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). The chat bot has two modes: "Chat explore" and "Chat transform," each providing a different way to interact with your data. This page will guide you through using these modes effectively.

Getting Started

To access the Chat Interaction feature, follow these steps:

Open or load a model.
Go to the "My Data" tab
There you will see the Chat Interaction window below the visualization of your data.

Chat Explore Mode

The "Chat explore" mode allows you to ask the chat bot questions about your data. You can use natural language queries to obtain insights, summaries, or specific information from your dataset.

Chat Transform Mode

The "Chat transform" mode allows you to request transformations on your data. You can use this mode to perform calculations, apply filters, or manipulate the data based on your requirements.

Tips for Effective Interaction

To ensure a smooth and effective interaction with the Chat Bot, consider the following tips:

Be specific: When asking questions or making transformation requests, provide as much relevant detail as possible to help the chat bot understand your intentions accurately.
Ask for clarification: If the chat bot's response is unclear or doesn't fully address your query, feel free to ask for clarification or provide additional context to obtain more accurate results.
Experiment: Don't hesitate to experiment with different questions and requests to explore the capabilities of the chat bot fully.
Keep it conversational: Interact with the chat bot as you would with a person, using natural language and maintaining a conversational tone.

Updated on: 18/05/2023

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