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Feature importance

Feature importance

NextBrain demonstrates the Sankey diagram for each model. A Sankey diagram is a visual representation of the flow of predictions in a model, showing the relative importance of each feature in the dataset towards the final prediction. The width of each arrow corresponds to the amount of information or resources that is flowing through that particular channel. The colors used in a Sankey diagram indicate which flow separation is most likely. Darker colors are used to indicate higher probabilities, while lighter colors may indicate lower probabilities.

Sankey diagrams can provide context on the relationships between features and the model's predictions, whereas feature importance bars are limited to just showing the magnitude of the impact of each feature.

A Sample Sankey Diagram

It's important to note that feature importance alone does not guarantee that a feature is useful in the context of the problem and that other methods such as correlation and visualization should be used to complement feature importance.

Updated on: 20/02/2023

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