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Model Training History provides you the steps taken when training model, such as the number of columns and rows that are removed and the training/test set ratio. These information can inform you better about both your data and model. NextBrain will save you the hassle of optimizing your data to best fit to the model, and will take care of nuances that can yield better metric results.

A Sample Model Training History

Model training history can help you better optimize your data and obtain higher metric results. For instance, in the above sample training history, you can see the features ad_id and impr are removed as they resulted in poor performance during prediction. Knowing this information, you can focus on improving other features you have in your data to optimize model performance, and don't waste more time on features that are already determined to yield poor performance.

Model training is the bedrock of machine learning algorithms, and instead of having a blackbox view of a training process, Nextbrain will provide you with the exact procedures taken during training.

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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